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Adventure Sports Resume

Adventure Guide (1989)

  • Longacre Expeditions, Carlisle, Pa
  • Lead teen tours: technical rock climbing/rappelling, backpacking, bike   touring, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, caving
  • Comments: I love taking people into the wilderness to find themselves.


  • Colorado Rockies, Wyoming (Tetons) Montana (Glacier National Park, Vermont (Green Mountains), Upstate New York (Catskills and Adirondacks), Sweden,  Norway, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Minnesota
  • Comments: The forest is my home.

BASE Jumping (parachuting off fixed objects) (Since 1987)

  • Cliff: Bon Echo (Northern Ontario) 279 feet (over water, I’m not stupid)
  • Building: Can’t tell you where -500 feet
  • Bridge: New River Gorge 876 feet
  • Hot Air Balloon: 400 feet (OK, it’s not a base jump, but it was really low!)
  • Comments: Very dangerous, but hugely fun

Caving (Since 1987)

  • Formal Training with Longacre Expeditions (1989)
  • Explored many caves on the east cost, in southern Pa, NY and West Virginia
  • Comments: Being underground is like getting a big hug from mother earth.

Canoeing/Portage (Since 1974)

  • Boundary Waters, Minnesota and Canada (1985)
  • Comments: Traveling by canoe is an incredible way to go camping.

Canyoneering (Since 2005)

  • California, Colorado, Vermont, Upstate New York, Maryland, Virginia
  • Comments: Exploring up and down rivers is dangerous, but takes us to some of the most beautiful secluded places in the world. If it’s hard to get there, it’s probably worth going

Kayaking (Since 1985)

  • Initial Training with Man and His Land Expeditions (1985)
  • Advance Roll Training (2007)
  • Comments: Nothing scares me more than paddling whitewater, which is why I will continue to do it the rest of my life.

Paragliding (Since 1987)

  • Started ground-launching my skydiving canopy (Super Evolution) without instruction at a nameless ski area in Vermont in 1987 (duh)
  • Bought an experimental paraglider and flew the heck out of it starting in 1989
  • Got formal training at Marshal Peak in southern California in 1993
  • Bounced later that year
  • Got back in the air in 2000 (OK, I admit it, I was scared)
  • Started flying paraglider with a motor in 2007, and have one of my own now.
  • Comments: Paragliding is pure flight, and allows me to combine my love of mountaineering with flying.

Flying Airplanes (Since 1986)

  • Started when I was 18
  • US Air Force ROTC Program, University of Vermont
  • Bought my first airplane in 2000: Betty (1960 Cessna 172), excluding various jump planes (I try not to fly those; it’s more fun to jump out)
  • Flew a Supersonic MIG 21 Fighter Plane (2000)
  • Comments: When you get past the complexity, in the real stick-and-rudder work, flying a plane is pure joy. Warmer than skydiving in the winter!

Powered Paragliding (Since 2007)

  • Formal Training in Boulder, Colorado with
  • First flights in Longmont, CO. (wow!)
  • Got my own powered system in 2009
  • Comments: Few flying mediums allow for the absolute independent freedom that comes with powered paragliding. I toss my gear in the car, drive to a nice field, and take off. Two gallons of gas keeps me in the air for up to two hours.

Skydiving (1986-Present)

  • First Jump: Malone Parachute Club, Malone, NY April 13, 1986 on a military surplus round parachute called a T-10. Altitude: 2800 feet Aircraft: Cessna 182 built in 1957
  • Current Number of Jumps: 14,000+
  • Test Jumps on Experimental Parachutes: 5000+
  • Number of Parachute Malfunctions (recovered): 500+
  • Number of Reserve Parachute Activations: 11
  • Landings in Unknown Location: 100+
  • Highest Altitude: 23,500 feet (with Oxygen)
  • Lowest Altitude: 279 Feet (cliff over water in northern Canada)
  • Emergency Aircraft Exits: 5
  • Water Landings: 5
  • Winter Naked Jumps: 6
  • Injuries: 4 (no broken bones)
  • Tree Landings: 1
  • Ratings:
  • Jumpmaster 1987
  • Instructor 1988
  • Accelerated Freefall Instructor 1989
  • Tandem Instructor 1990
  • FAA Senior Parachute Rigger 1992
  • Co-Owner: Malone Parachute Center, (1987-Present)
  • Owner/Founder: Vermont Skydiving Adventures (1991-1995)
  • Head of Research and Development, Air Time Designs parachutes (1994-1996)
  • Owner/Founder: BIG AIR Sportz parachutes (1999-Present)
  • Parachute Designer, Aerodyne Research (2008-Present)
  • X-Games Competitor, skydiving: Freeflying (1995-1997) (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
  • Organizer/Speaker: World Freefall Convention (1995-2006)
  • Speaker/Presenter: Parachute Industry Association Symposium (1996-Present)
  • Owner/Founder/Instructor: Germain Seminars and Workshops
  • Worldwide Tour: Topic: Parachute Aerodynamics and Safety (2003-Present)
  • Radio Show Host, Skydive Radio: “Safety First with Brian Germain” (2007-Present)
  • Comments: No adventure experience has brought me more joy, learning and friendship than skydiving.

 Skiing/Ski Racing (Since 1970)

  • Wayne Hills Varsity Ski Team, NJ (1981-85) (2nd in State)
  • New Jersey State Team (1984-85) (we beat Vermont!)
  • University of Vermont Team Rebound (1985-86)
  • Instructor Certification Course: Windham (2006)
  • Colorado, Vermont, New York, California, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Norway, Sweden
  • Comments: I am thankful that my Dad got me on the slopes when I was three, and put my in a racing program when I was eight. My skis take me where no other mode can, and the feeling of flow that I experience on the mountain is incomparable to anything else I have been involved in.

Scuba Diving/Free-diving

  • Initial Scuba Course (1989)
  • Free-diving/Snorkeling: Great Barrier Reef in Australia, John Pennycamp Park in the Florida Keys, all over the east coast of the US
  • Comments: When I am under water, time stops. I feel as if I have re-connected with my watery roots as a member of Earth’s living organisms.

Snowboarding (Since 2001)

  • Dedicated 4 years of exclusive snowboarding to learn the black art
  • Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, Norway and Sweden
  • Comments: When the powder falls, there is not better tool. Flow at it’s best.

Snowshoe Mountaineering (1990)

  • Mount Hunger, Vermont
  • Comments: Hard work and very worth it. Being deep in the forest in nature is the fast track to inner peace. The silence brings me home.

Technical Rock Climbing (Since 1980)

  • Started rappelling off cliffs when I was 13 with a yellow plastic boat rope and a homemade harness made from a karate belt.
  • Initial Formal Training in the Tetons, Exum Guides (1985)
  • Rock Climbing Specialist: Longacre Expeditions (1987)
  • Climbed with the UVM Outing Club (1985-91)
  • Climbed in Colorado, Wyoming, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, Montana
  • Comments: No activity that I have been involved in provokes my fear in such a didactic, metaphoric way. When I am in the rock, I am a hero-sage. The danger brings me to enlightenment.

Whitewater Rafting (Since 1985)

  • Colorado, Wyoming, Vermont
  • Comments: Being in a community, working together to survive; the boat team is bound together. Going with the flow together, we find what we were looking for.


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