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Inspiring Videos by Brian Germain

Transforming Fear into Skill

Parachute Malfunction Recovery

Supersonic Dream

1000th Jump

Peace and Love

Life is an Adventure

Glider Jump in Estonia

Helicopter Heaven

New Zealand Adventure

Transcending Fear in Australia Part One

Transcending Fear in Australia Part Two

No Fear of Falling

Stop and Relax

Fun is Better

Monterey X Games Event

Space Center X-Games Event

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Listen in on one of Brian Germain's Seminars:
Brian Germain Talks to Medical Students April 2008

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Transcending Fear is a Leadership Training Company. Our main offerings include: Fear Seminars by a noted Fear Expert for overcoming fears, Leadership Training Workshops, a celebrity Skydiving Instructor for skydiving fear challenges, and Skydiving Videos and Skydiving Books by Author Brian Germain.

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