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Transcending Fear

The product of a lifetime of research and reflection, Transcending Fear is Brian Germain's most important work. The book addresses the most significant challenge of human kind to date: the process of recognizing and moving beyond fear. In an age in which fear has literally brought our world to the brink of destruction, understanding why we contract in fear and how we can go beyond this instinctive reaction is essential for our survival as a species.

As a professional skydiver, test pilot and psychology researcher, Brian Germain offers a unique personalized perspective on the phenomenon of fear. Reflecting on his many intense experiences with fear, Brian sorts through the most current psychology research on fear, and presents the ways to de-escalate the emotional response in provocative situations.

The fundamental premise of the book is simple: Fear makes us stupid. If we are to transcend the limitations imposed by a contracted perspective, we must develop our ability to remain calm. Specific methods for relaxing in dangerous situations are covered in detail, as well as scientific evidence to support the reasons for this unusual and powerful approach to dealing with fear.

"I found the book both highly intelligent as well as moving; and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in the field of self-development, stress-relief, or simply just interested in one of the most inherited limitations of human beings." Read more...
Review from Morton's Virtual Lounge
"There's a lot of truth in the old sayings we get "scared out of our wits" and "scared senseless". In stressful situations we become stupid - every time you get out of an airplane you lose half your IQ. When there's a load of adrenaline rushing through our veins and our arousal level's off the scale, our ability to reason logically goes out the window. We're reduced to the tools evolution has equipped us with and those we've drilled into ourselves." Read more...
Review from Australian "Skydiver" Magazine

Green Light Your Life

Greenlight Your Life is a guide for breaking free from the inertia of the past, and beginning your life anew. These inspiring words can help you to re-discover who you truly want to be, so that you may allow that vision to guide your actions. The book can be a turning point that ushers in a new era of happiness and prosperity for you and everyone that your life touches. It can help you to connect with the best part of yourself and in doing so, make your most beautiful dreams come true.

"Lots of people tell us to dream and follow our dreams but your book does it in a way that makes it real."
Erik Peterson

"Your superb way of expressing important timeless concepts really resonated with me. By half-way through the book I felt all those red lights turning green. It wasn't just skydiver talking to skydiver, it was truth very clearly expressed."
Ray Whipple, NASA ret.

“This is one of the most inspiring books of our time, and it will jump-start your life”
Scott Chesney, Speaker/Coach/Consultant

“Brian’s blend of wisdom, insight and gentle reassurance made Transcending Fear a must-read for all my clients. Greenlight Your Life is every bit as wonderful!”
Austin Davis, Fit and Funny Seminars

“If you were touched by Transcending Fear, you are truly going to love this one.”
Ron Gorayeb, Gorayeb Seminars

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The Parachute and its Pilot

The Parachute and its Pilot is the singular resource for canopy flight information. Whether you are a new jumper looking for further your education or an expert canopy pilot seeking tips on advancing your techniques, this book has something for you. The book is jam-packed with information compiled over 20 years of skydiving experience, and offers technical yet very straight-forward explanations of ram air parachute flight. Written by one of the industry's leading parachute designers, The Parachute and its Pilot is a must-have handbook for every skydiver.

As the title suggests, there is a bi-fold focus of subject matter. The first part is about parachutes and flight techniques, everything right from the beginning up through competition approaches. The second part is about the psychology of flight; from fear response and ego issues through visualization.

*In the words of Dan Poynter, Author of The Parachute Manual: *
"This is a much-needed, milestone book written by the parachute industry's foremost canopy designer. Brian Germain combines the exceptional knowledge of canopy design with a unique ability to explain how to squeeze maximum performance out of any ram-air canopy. Whether you are shopping for a canopy, are a competitive jumper pursuing maximum performance, or are simply studying what makes the ram-air canopy fly, Brian will lead you in the right direction with expertise, eloquence and care."

Chapters include Flight Modes, Flying in Turbulence, Landing, High Speed Approaches and Landings, Fear and Learning, Teaching Flight, and more.
Softbound, 176 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches.

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